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by ReMove

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released June 22, 2015


all rights reserved



ReMove Wrocław, Poland

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Track Name: eagle

I know that the day will come
I’ll lose my freedom I’ll lose my mind
In a cage I can’t fly
I can’t eat
I can’t sleep
Can’t be happy
I can’t live
In the cage I can’t fly

I’m flying around,
I’m an eagle
Hunting time

While I’m flying around
Some piece is gone
I’m searching for another one
Track Name: cancer
Going through wonderland
Looking for life
Can’t get enough
I pray for more

This thousands people
They look at me, cause
I am the one
Who hear and see

I’m the one
Cancer inside
He eats my body
Destroys my minds

I’m the one
Who want to leave
Not in the memories
Not in your dreams.

Going through entire life
Looking for sin
Why death has chosen
To meet with me.

These thousands people
Who are bored with life
Asking my self
Why I’m the one?

I’m looking for time
to get more from life
I’m trying to pray
To get one more day
I’m looking for time
To get one more chance
Track Name: time
Woke up at 6 a.m.
Start to run
Like every day
Thousands things are waiting to be done
I can’t tell to my self to ignore it now

So I woke up at 5 a.m.
Still have no time
No major change
Thousands things
Are laughing at me
There is no way I cannot see it.

I need
To Survive

Is ticking here all the time
I’m the one
Who tries to stop him.
While trying to slow it down
The only way
To have insomnia.

Opened my eyes at 4 a.m.
Trying to find
hidden sense
Pushing myself to run along
To drive myself
And write new song

Tried to wake up at 3 a.m.
It was dark night, but
who really cares
It gave me nothing
At 5 p.m. I was exhausted
And went to bed
Track Name: witch
What if you miss the chance?
If it turns to something else?
Something not expected

What if you loose your way
If there is no escape
Cannot back to previous state

She is the witch
That’s everybody says
She is the witch
She knows what nobody knows.
She is the witch
She’ll take you to another step
She is the witch
She’ll show you another world.

Burn burn honey
Your ideas are to brilliant for this time
Burn burn
You would better tell them only simple lies
Burn burn honey
Thay can’t stand that women is so smart.
Burn burn
They will burn in hell for hundred thousands times

What if you miss the train
Which suppose to go somewhere
Where love is all around

What if you finally know
That your way will end in flames
Will you able to forgive?
Track Name: prayer
Once a pone a time
There was a guy
Who told me that
I should be prayer

So I prayed more
So I gave my soul
So I was ready to die
For religion

Hey I’m ready to fight
For your right
To save people I love
To see smile on your face

So I prayed more
So I gave my soul
So I was ready to die
And get nothing

I change my role
(I’m) ready to go
Give back my life
Give back my soul

Don’t wanna pray
Nothing to say
You gave me nothing
I’ll go my way
Track Name: forever
I see your face
Sleeping on my knees
I’m part of you
You’re part of me

Like sweetest dream,
Like rain on desert
Like end of pain
Like garden of pleasure

Like heavy wind
Like earthquake and waterfall
Sometimes like storm
But always I perfectly know

When I’m looking into your eyes
I’m here and never
Do feel like counting my time
Will stay here forever
Track Name: stars
I lost my mind
I lost my time
Sleeping to much
Working to hard

My brain was twisted
My body sucked
I’ve lost completely
Sense of my life

How many stars
Will you find till morning comes
How many faults
Will you make?

Walking through the park and see thousands boys and thousands girls
Like a thousand stars on the sky thousands young and smiling faces
I don’t know how many girls you will need to choose this one
Thousands boys and thousands girls walking slowly through their live

How many stars
How many eyes
Will you need to choose the one

How many stars?

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